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We manufacture and provide windows in different styles: bay, casement and sash. We make use of high quality materials i.e. aluminium, wooden and uPVC depending upon your choice. We do offer double and triple glazing option so that to ensure high level of thermal efficiency. You can avail the best affordable rates in town.

Bay Windows

It is an arrangement of three or more individual window units. It is installed by adding a projection to the wall from outside that gives a stylish look. Bay windows enable you to enjoy a panoramic view of the outside by sitting on your couch sipping a cup of hot chocolate or cold coffee. Due to its panoramic nature, it gives a sense of more space at your place. It enables more light coming to your house.

Casement Windows

One of the most common type of windows that you see in UK households is casement windows. It is hinged at one side and comes fitted in single or double panels. You can add additional panels as well if you want to. These come in different variations hence can be installed in any property. Opening handles can be placed on one side, both sides or at the top depending upon your requirement. Once closed, these windows are made in such a way that they are tightly sealed. 

Sash Windows

There is no hinge in sash windows. It either slides horizontally or vertically. The vertical option is usually common. Both sashes are situated in vertical grooves, and they are counterbalanced with weights connected with a sash cord hidden in the frame. These are known as double-hung windows. The windows are easy to open, but they also stay in the position you set them thanks to the perfectly balanced weights.

Synseal Shield 6 Windows

Synseal is a leading UK manufacturer of conservatory roof, window and door systems. Standard colours available are White, Light Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany and dual colours. Artisan colours are available on order. Black/brown, Grey, Red, Green, Woodgrain white, Irish Oak and others.

Glazing Options

With Shield Windows product we are able to offer you

  1. C Rated Windows
  2. A RATED
  3. Laminated high security and noise reduction
  4. Triple Glazed sealed units (Picture of triple glazed windows)

Energy Saving – Less Noise – More Secure
Capable of achieving a U-value of 0.8 or less

Triple glazing is the newest product in the Synseal range. Representing the latest that the industry can offer in terms of technologically advanced systems. This product provides the same look as a standard double glazed casement window but with massively better thermal performance figures.

Triple glazing is far superior in terms of thermal efficiency than standard glazing options approximately 60% more thermally efficient than standard C-rated double glazed windows, and 40% more than standard A-rated double glazing – therefore saving your clients thousands on heating bills and providing you the opportunity to sell a higher margin product. 


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