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Smart Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are definitely a great addition to your house. They are eco-friendly and highly durable. At Shield, we offer you a range of aluminium windows for your choice.

These windows are slimmer than the timber and uPVC ones. Hence, these allow more sunlight to enter your home. These windows are thermal efficient as these improve heat gain and reduce heat loss. This is due to the treated glass, argon gas and insulated frames.

There come with different locking options: shoot-bolt locks and key-locking handles. The window glass is internally beaded which ends the danger of intruders from removing the glass from outside.

Aluminium windows feature high strength-to-weight ratio. They don’t degrade or discolour over time. Moreover, these are easy to maintain than the wooden ones. Regular cleaning is sufficient to ensure the longetivity.

The Smart Alitherm 300 and 600 ranges will achieve a Window Energy Rating ‘A’ grade and also complies with the latest requirements of Building Regulations Document L 2010. This range is made up great products that are extremely cost effective.

Our Partners

To ensure excellent quality, we have partnered with a dozen of suppliers that excels in providing the best materials.

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